Welcome to Glory and Rubbish! This is a blog about many and varied things; things like film, literature, video games, history, philosophy, patristics and theology. Despite the range of topics, the connecting thread running through every post is the powerful (Orthodox) Christian vision of a fallen, wounded world in the process of restoration by the crucified and glorified Christ.

Christianity is not just a ‘religion’, it is a worldview and a way of life. When properly lived and breathed, it becomes a lens through which the believer sees all things; and that basically sums up the spirit of this blog. As C.S. Lewis said:

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”


Why this blog?

Broadly speaking, I suppose there are three main ‘agendas’ lying behind most of what goes on here:

1) To encourage Christians to engage intellectually with their faith – to figure out what we believe and why we believe it. Now more than ever, given the current intellectual climate, the world needs thoughtful, passionate and honest Christians who can engage with the secular world on its own terms.

2) To inspire and challenge people with the Orthodox Christian worldview of an essentially good Creation, tortured and disfigured by rebellion and absurdity, now in the process of being reconquered by its Creator. Christianity is many things, but ‘boring’ is not one of them.

3) To foster people’s interest in things that interest me, and to discuss the relevance those things have to Christianity. Through the lens of the Christian faith, everything takes on a new, truer light; everything from historical personalities to video games.

Christianity is accused of a lot of things nowadays, but the charges that I find most intolerable are that Christianity is dreary, unthinking and boring. So, on this blog, I try to present a vision of Christianity that is able to engage with profound challenges honestly and competently (which almost always requires me to lean on the work of older, wiser authors), and also beautiful and challenging enough to inspire and convict thoughtful and sincere seekers of truth. Real, living faith is neither blind nor boring – it is a commitment to Christ, who is very real and very much alive. It is completely compatible with skepticism and intellectual honesty (and arguably incompatible with their opposites: blind dogmatism and intellectual dishonesty), and capable of both mind-boggling sophistication and beautiful, powerful simplicity.

So this is a blog about stories. About heroes and villains, kings and priests, gods and men. About faith and reason, light and darkness, beauty and terror … about glory and rubbish.

Who am I?

I’m a Coptic Orthodox Christian and an undergraduate student of History and Philosophy.

“Glory and Rubbish”? 

The phrase comes from a powerful description of the human race given by Blaise Pascal:

“Judge of all things and imbecile earthworm; possessor of the truth and sink of uncertainty and error; the glory and rubbish of the universe.”


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike Henry says:

    Coptic Orthodox? studying History and Philosophy? not pre-med/pre-dental/pre-law/pharmacy? …can it be?

    Thank you for existing–we need more Coptic people in the humanities. And thank you for this delightful blog! I just found it today and look forward to reading more. God bless.

    • Thanks for the kind words mate 🙂 You know, there are a surprising number of new undergrad Copts at my university doing Arts this year! We’re steadily growing 😉 All the best!

  2. Love it, thank you 🙂

  3. Pete says:

    Hey mate, is it possible to add a contacts page, so people can email you (even if it’s one of those email forms that don’t give out your email address).

    Keep up the good work.

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