Glory and Rubbish?

‘Glory and Rubbish’ is a strange title for a blog, and it demands an explanation:

“What a freak, what a monster, what a chaos, what a subject of contradiction, what a marvel! Judge of all things and imbecile earthworm; possessor of the truth and sink of uncertainty and error; the glory and rubbish of the universe.

That was Blaise Pascal’s definition of humanity. According to him, we humans are the most wondrous, glorious, inspiring things in the entire universe and at the same time, the most confused, corrupted and misguided beings in existence. We are brilliant, brave and bold and at the same time, bigoted, brutal and greedy. We are undoubtedly the most fantastically interesting things in the entirety of the universe. This blog is called ‘Glory and Rubbish’, because while I’m reasonably sure that the posts will discuss a range of issues, the one over-arching theme will be humanity, in all its glory and all … well, all of its rubbish.

To give you a more coherent idea of the purpose and focus of this blog, here are three questions which pretty much sum it up:

1) Who am I?

The only aspects of that question that really matter are as follows: I am a Christian of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox tradition, not because I was raised as a Christian (although I was) but because I have examined the evidence, and while I still have questions about my faith, many of which I will discuss here, I have concluded that Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish preacher who lived 2000 years ago, physically and literally rose from the dead of His own accord – not because of blind faith, but because I don’t think any other explanation fits the evidence.

2) What will the blog be about?

I will probably be using this blog as a diary of my own search for truth. While I’ve pretty much decided in favour of the truth of the Christian religion, I still have many, many questions and concerns about it, and I will likely chronicle my search for answers here. Of course, I am sure that I will be compelled to take a few detours into other areas of interest like history and art.

3) Why am I starting this blog?

Partly because I have just finished exams and am attempting (perhaps in vain) to stave off the inevitable, mind-numbing boredom that follows, but also, because for the most part, the issues discussed here concern many other people apart from myself;  my search for answers is doing no good to anyone stagnating in a dusty hard-drive where no-one can read it but myself. Most of the issues I will discuss here have been covered by philosophers and apologists for centuries, but my goal is to condense this information and make it accessible – I will of course provide links to other sources which go into more depth.

Well, that’s basically it. I shall post more soon.



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